Could I get a character sketch of Duke Senior of As You Like It by Shakespeare?  

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vanshikalohia | Student

The father of Rosalind and the rightful ruler of the dukedom in which the play is set. Having been banished by his usurping brother, Frederick, Duke Senior now lives in exile in the Forest of Ardenne with a number of loyal men, including Lord Amiens and Jaques. We have the sense that Senior did not put up much of a fight to keep his dukedom, for he seems to make the most of whatever life gives him. Content in the forest, where he claims to learn as much from stones and brooks as he would in a church or library, Duke Senior proves himself to be a kind and fair-minded ruler.

reetam12345678900 | Student

duke senior is rosalind's father & celia's uncle.He has been banished from his dukedom by his younger brother,duke Fredrick & has been living in the forest of arden. Yet he never utters aword of bitterness against his brother & no thought of revenge ever enters his mind.He is a lover of nature and a friend of the unfortunate.He is simple man who borrows no dignity,yet is always dignified.His kind disposition wins love and admiration of all.his inborn goodness is manifested when orlando threatens him.due to his calmness threats are converted into appeals.commands into apologies.He bears adversity with philosophic calmness.the keynote of his character is contentment.he constantly reminds his followers about charms of nature by saying "sweet are the uses of his head".he has been criticised by some scholars of hypocrisy and false pretension.he accepts his good fotune in the same philosophical spirit which characterised his behaviour unde adversity.then he returns to the civilised world as a morally richer man,having experienced the adversities of life.

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