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Could anyone summarize chapters 1-7 of Power & Choice: An Introduction to Political Science by W. Phillips Shively? I know textbooks are hard to summarize, but I would appreciate any info that seems like it would be on a test.

In Chapters 1-7 Shively explains necessary terminology in the field of political science. Starting with defining politics as decision-making through use of power, he quickly gets more detailed by describing challenges involved in state-building. Then he explains key elements of economic development and justice systems. He stresses understanding economic performance and distribution, and effectiveness of just policy. Finally, he explains the fragility and fluidity of democracy, defining the term alongside other forms of government such as monarchies and theocracies.

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Here I will explain what I think the main points of Chapters 1-7 are. For a quick review I would also recommend going to the end of each chapter and making sure you know the definitions of words listed under “key terms.”

In Chapters 1 and 2, Shively defines politics as “the making of common decisions through the use of power” (Shivley, 2). This definition is the basis for his discussions about political analysis, such as his point that every government has its own degree of legitimacy. He explains how theories connect principles through observations or make judgements. He also describe political ideologies, like liberalism and socialism, and how political scientists use them to describe related ideas.

In Chapters 3 and 4 Shivley talks about the development of state structures and policies. For example, he compares and contrasts state-building in Nigeria with state-building in the European Union to highlight how different challenges and contexts makes each state’s development...

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