Could anyone summarize chapter 3 of 1491?

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imperator eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 3 deals primarily will the composition, rise, function, and fall of the Inca to the Spanish and how an army of 200 men could topple an empire. The author talks about the establishment of the Inca Empire as an autocratic regime that was highly bureaucratically competent and ruled over vast quantities of land, people, and resources. The Inca welded a massive empire together primarily through conquest, making their eventual defeat by an armed band all the more surprising. The author describes the coup by which the Conquistadors destabilized the Empire. They ambushed and kidnapped the autocrat of the Inca, leaving them leaderless and directionless. Then, they had him ransom himself. Much to their benefit, he had also ordered all of his heirs executed, meaning the Inca were left leaderless. While most historians agree that the tactical success of the Conquistadors even when vastly outnumbered was due to steel and horses. The author, however, contends that Inca metal craft was equivalent in skill to European skill, but in different areas.

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