Les Misérables Questions and Answers
by Victor Hugo

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Could anyone post ten to fifteen major events of the Les Miserables plot?

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Les Miserables involves numerous plot lines and has many more than fifteen major events. In fact, it is one of the longest novels ever written. Some editions of the book are nearly two thousand pages long. However, I will provide what are likely the most important major events of the story.

  1. Jean Valjean, recently released from prison, is forgiven by the bishop after stealing his silver. He resolves to lead the life of an honest man.
  2. Jean Valjean becomes mayor of Montreuil Sur Mer under an assumed identity.
  3. Fantine dies and Jean Valjean promises to take care of Cossette, her daughter.
  4. Jean Valjean is arrested again and escapes.
  5. Jean Valjean rescues Cossette from the Thénardiers but pays a high price for her.
  6. Marius leaves home after being kicked out by his grandfather for his revolutionary sympathies.
  7. Marius discovers that his father's savior is actually the criminal Thénardier.
  8. Cossette and Marius meet and their romance begins.
  9. Marius is denied permission to marry Cossette.
  10. Cossette and Jean...

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