Could anyone help me write a essay about Jonas' character?

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Jonas is a complex character.  In literature, we describe characters are either round or flat, and static or dynamic.  We also focus on character traits, or characterization , including of a character’s physical and personality traits.  If you are writing an essay on Jonas, you don’t want to just list his traits.  You want to...

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I would be happy to help you write an essay on Lois Lowry's novel, The Giver. First, have you thought of where you want to go with it? For example, and first of all, I assume that you read it, do you want to discuss the themes, implications, compare/contrast with other novels of utopian societies? This novel has reaked havoc around the country. Many school districts do not allow the students to read it because of the potential for students to interpret Lowry's novel as one that condones the ideas of suicide, murder, euthanasia, and other serious social issues. That may be an interesting way to go. First, you'll need to find or develop an annotated bibliography on the novel. That is simply a list of criticism on the novel. You can pick and choose from there which sources we will use. Please advise. I would prefer if your parents were aware of this study.

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