Could anyone help me with the novel The Third Man by Graham Greene? I'm looking for a critical analysis of the novel and its themes.

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British author Graham Greene (1904-1991) spent much of his career writing about the standard of ethical behavior in contemporary politics. He considered himself a socialist and humanist. He rejected the principles of capitalism prevalent in the United States.

The Third Man was never intended to be a novel. Instead, Greene wrote it as a screenplay of his movie of the same title. He later published it as a novella.

The plot of the book unfolds as Harry Lime invites protagonist Rollo Martins to Vienna. Martins takes up his friend’s offer. When Martins arrives in Vienna, he learns that Lime died in an automobile accident. After arrival, Martins learns about a prior criminal investigation of his friend, who is described as “the worst racketeer who ever made a dirty living in this city.” After this revelation, he visits Lime’s girlfriend Anna. When he talks to a porter, he discovers conflicting accounts of the accident. He becomes suspicious and decides to launch an investigation of his own....

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