could anyone help me solve these kinds of problems 5-4m+8+2m>-17

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Matthew Fonda eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When solving inequalities, you generally take the same approach as if it were an equality, keeping a couple things in mind:

1. The answer will be an inequality as well

2. If you divide or multiple by a negative number, you need to flip the inequality. For example, if we had -2x > 10, to solve we would divide by -2, and flip the inequality, giving us x < -5.

With that in mind, we'll proceed to solve the given inequality. The first step is to combine like terms:

5 - 4m + 8 + 2m > -17


(1) 13 - 2m > -17

Next, we'll isolate all terms with m on one side of the equation by subtracting 13 from both sides:

(2) -2m > -30

Next, we'll divide by -2 and flip the inequality, giving us our final solution:

m < 15

cheezea | Student

for this kind of question, you have to put the unknown to one side first.

so -4m+2m>-17-5-8

-2m > -30

to get m divide by -2. flip the sign whenever dividing by a negative number.

thus m < 15

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