What is a summary of the first chapter of the book The Story of My Life by Helen Keller?

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In chapter 1 Helen Keller describes her family and her early childhood, including how she got her illness.

In the first chapter of her autobiography The Story of My Life, Helen Keller describes her birth and early years.  Obviously she had to get this information from her parents and other sources.  She describes her family, including her father Captain Keller and her mother Kate Adams.  She also describes her grandparents.

I lived, up to the time of the illness that deprived me of my sight and hearing, in a tiny house consisting of a large square room and a small one, in which the servant slept. (ch 1)

Before her illness, Helen loved nature.  She was only 19 months old when the disease took her sight and hearing, and she lived in a world of darkness and confusion until Anne Sullivan came to teach her how to talk with her hands, and eventually how to read and write.  This comes later though.  At the end of chapter 1, Helen remembers her illness.


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