It could be said that there are two endings to "The Open Window." What are those two endings?

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One of the endings of "The Open Window" would come with the following description:

Framton grabbed wildly at his stick and hat; the hall-door, the gravel-drive, and the front gate were dimly-noted stages in his headlong retreat. A cyclist coming along the road had to run into the hedge to avoid an imminent collision.

The story could have ended there. The reader would probably realize that the three men walking across the lawn in the deepening twilight were not ghosts because there are no such things as ghosts. The reader would then also probably realize that Vera had been making up the whole ghost story for her own amusement.

But Saki decided to make the ending more explicit. He gives Mr. Sappleton some dialogue to show that he and the other two men are very much alive, and he gives Mrs. Sappleton some additional dialogue to show that she is not insane but just a...

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