Cotton is frequently used as a material in clothing? What is special about cotton that makes it so comfortable to wear?Yes, I don't get it. Help me now.

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Since the very earliest days of American colonialism, cotton has been one of the most widely produced--and profitable--crops grown in the Deep South. It did not receive the nickname, "King Cotton," for nothing. Cotton became the biggest money-maker for Southern plantation owners, and the product became one of the primary reasons for the growth of slavery in the United States. Slaves picked the cotton--a highly tedious and painful job--and the cotton made the plantation owners rich. Cotton is probably the most popular material in the world for several reasons. Foremost, it is the coolest material known to man; it allows the human body to breathe better than any other material. It is also quite soft and durable and, compared to many materials, inexpensive. It also serves as an excellent blend when combined with other materials. Chances are most clothing in your own personal wardrobe are either 100% cotton or at least a cotton blend.

krishna-agrawala | Student

To begin with, it is important to understand that cotton is available in a wide range of qualities, and not all of these are equally comfortable.

The main factors contribute to the difference in comfort of clothes made from cotton and synthetic fibres. These are the diameter of the fibre, finish of the fibre surface, and the material of which fibre is made of. In general the synthetic fibres have bigger diameter as compared to cotton fibres. However now it is possible to make synthetic fibre, called microfibers, of very low diameters, These fibres are now used to make fabrics which are very comfortable to wear in terms of ability to absorb moisture and the ability to breathe.

The surface finish of the fibre affects the feel of the fabric made out of it. Synthetic fibres are now subjected to a process called texturising, to improve their surface finish, or texture. Thus the comfort of synthetic fibre clothing will also depend on the nature of finish given in the process of texturising.

The material of fibre determine the basic chemical and physical properties of the fibre. It has been found that because of these difference, material of synthetic fibre causes discomfort. Some people are also allergic to the material of synthetic fibre.

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