What was the cost of household necessities in 1969?Simply put, I need to know what the cost of common household necessities were in 1969. Thanks

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The actual price of household necessities in 1969 would have varied a great deal from place to place, just as it does now.  In order to find out the prices of specific household items from your area, your best bet would be to look at old newspapers for your town.  They should have advertising in them that would give you some idea as to what the prices were at the time.  Google has back issues of many newspapers, including the one in my town.  If you browse your hometown paper, you might find ads like the one I've just been looking at, advertising a 6 pack of Pepsi for 45 cents or 10 pounds of potatoes for 39 cents.

If you are looking for overall price levels from 1969, there are inflation calculators like the one in the westegg.com link below.  That tells you that something that costs $10 today would have cost $1.70 in 1969.  Remember that this is just an average because it is based on the Consumer Price Index.  Some things will have gone up more than that and some will have gone up less.