Cormier uses multi-level points of view in I Am the Cheese. What points of view does he use in the novel?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The narration is the most complicated structure of the novel. The narrative and tape transcripts alternate, adding uncertainty for the reader. This structure represents the theme of disorientation and interruption.

Adam is given three separate voices: the present-tense, first-person narrator, the voice on the tapes, and his voice speaking to others during the past-tense parts. These different voices underscore Adam's insanity and his inability to control the voices. He has no control over his thoughts or memories, having forgotten his own identity. The reader, just like the Farmers, doesn't know what to trust because the structure of the novel is like the structure of society -- disjointed, deceptive, and out of each individual's control.

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