Convince your reader that perspective is a powerful force or experience in one's life. Agree or disagree. Do so by writing an informal essay of your choice (to entertain, inform, or persuade through an expression of opinion, observation, humour or pleasure) on the topic?

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In an essay regarding the importance of perspective, it would be useful to think back over your own experiences, especially those of childhood. There have been so many times when we,as children, feel a burning injustice towards parents or teachers because in our immaturity we perceive that they are wrong not to let us do a dangerous or risky activity - only to find out later that an erstwhile friend has been harmed - and that our elders and betters were right all along. There must be many such experiences to use.

Think also of the perspective of people who have an altered view of reality due to special needs such as autism, schizophrenia or personality disorder. Their take on what is and isn't acceptable citizenship or behaviour might be totally at odds with the rest of their society and they might even find themselves punished for it. Perspective is a highly personal concept and is linked to ideas of self and inner reflection.

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