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convert to vertex form y=-2x^2+6x+1 and y=x^2+4x+1

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You need to remember what the vertex form of a quadratic is such that:

`y = a(x-h)^2 + k`

Notice that (h,k) expresses the vertex of parabola.

The problem provides the equation `y=-2x^2+6x+1` , hence you should collect the terms `-2x^2+6x` , to factor out -2 and to complete the square`x^2 - 3x`  such that:

`x^2 -...

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elekzy | Student


= (x^2+4x)+1

divide the coefficient of x(4) by 2'then suare it

= [x^2+4x+(4/2)^2]+1   that is [(4/2)^2=2^2=4]


= (x^2+4x+4)-4+1


This is another method of coverting quaratic equations to vertex form.

elekzy | Student

the questions can be solved using completing the square method.