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Note that the prefix milli means one thousandth of the the given base or 0.001 of a certain unit.

So if we have 0.001 liter (L), we may use the prefix milli to re-write is as 1 milliliter (mL).

Hence, the conversion factors of Liter to milliliter and vice-versa are:

(1) 0.001L = 1 mL                Or                  (2)    1 L = 1000 mL

Then, use either of these two conversion factors to convert 0.750L to mL. To do so, express the conversion factor as ratio in such a way that if we multiply it with 0.750L, the unit Liter cancels.

`0.750 L`  `*`  `(1000mL)/(1 L)`  `=`  `750 mL`

Hence, 0.750 L = 750 mL.

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