Describe the main compromises that were part of the "Great Compromise."

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Great Compromise is also known as the Connecticut Compromise.  It was mainly a compromise between the bigger states like Virginia and the smaller ones like New Jersey.

The two main compromises had to do with the way that the Congress was to be organized and with how many representatives each state would have.  First, the compromise created a bicameral legislature.  This allowed each house of the legislature to be set up in a different way.

The second compromise had to do with how each house of Congress was to be set up.  The Senate was set up with each state having the same number of members, just as the small states had wanted.  The House was set up with each state's number of representatives determined by the state's population.  This was the way the big states had wanted things.

In this way, the Great Compromise allowed both big and small states to be somewhat satisfied with the set up of the Congress.