Contrast the white man's laws and system of justice with that of the Umuofia society.

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both systems of government are progressive and complex, although the white man's culture believes the African culture to be primitive and backward.

Both the white and African systems are patriarchal, ruled by groups of men who decide collaboratively the actions of their people.

Both the white and African systems rely heavily on values derived from cultural beliefs, customs, and religion.  Although, the white culture looks more toward the present (in terms of colonization) than the African culture (which relies heavily on the past).  In this way, the white man's laws carry a bit more force, for they do not rely heavily on signs.

The white man's laws are more heavy-handed.  When a white man is killed, the white men destroy an entire village.  But, when Okonkwo accidentally kills a fellow villager, he is exiled for seven years.  The white men are more unified, use more force, and wield greater technology.  Also, the white men use institutional justice: they have prisons and churches and courts, whereas all of these are more or less integrated into one in the African tribal culture.