Contrast Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca in their ideas about men and their relationships with their lovers in Othello.

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Desdemona is absolutely devoted to Othello. Although she's a highly intelligent, spirited, independent-minded woman, Desdemona remains fiercely loyal to her husband, despite his growing jealousy and suspicion. However, her loyalty is borne out of love, not the dictates of convention. After all, we shouldn't forget that Desdemona defied her father's wishes in marrying the Moor. Having made her choice, Desdemona is more than happy to live with the consequences. Her loyalty to Othello is total, which makes Iago's snide insinuations and false accusations of infidelity all the more perverse.

Emilia also displays great loyalty to her husband, the abominable Iago. However, she patently lacks Desdemona's intelligence and astute judgement of character. Emilia naively assumes that Iago's always looking out for her best interests. So when he asks her to retrieve the handkerchief from Desdemona's boudoir, she does so without...

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