Contrast and compare the readings of Maria Stewart and Richard Allen. Do you see any similiarities between the two? Are their words effective?

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Karyth Cara eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since the aim and background of maria Stewart and Reverend Richard Allen are so different, the contrasts are more abundant than the comparisons. Both spoke of liberating the slave through education and religion. Stewart began writing in the 1830s following the death of her mentor, David Walker, and was the first woman in America (black or white) to speak publicly. Self-educated, Stewart emphasized education for slaves and freed blacks beginning in a period when such education was illegal in the South. Allen was an educated, free black reverend in Philadelphia in the North and the founder of the first black American Methodist Episcopalian church, African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. This was an enormous accomplishment to Allen's credit. One differeance between these two writiers is that Allen also gave credence to the possibility of "emigrationist thinking."