Contrast the attitudes of Montag and his wife Mildred toward the following in Fahrenheit 451:  -T.V. walls -the death of Clarisse -the burning of the old woman

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The short answer to this is that Mildred Montag loves the TV walls and does not care anything about the two people that you mention.  By contrast, Guy Montag really thinks the parlour walls are pointless and that the deaths of Clarisse and the old woman are tragic.

All Millie wants to do is hang out in the parlour with the walls.  But Guy thinks that is what is driving her to where she does not care about her life anymore.

Guy thinks that Clarisse and the old woman were important and that their deaths are telling him something.  But Millie would rather talk about someone who is alive -- she does not care about Clarisse and the old lady.

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