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by Jack Finney

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In "Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket," what can you infer about Tom based on the comment, "You won't mind though will you when the money comes rolling in and I'm known as the Boy Wizard of Wholesome Groceries?" 

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This remark by Tom is made after his wife Clare--who is going to the movies alone but has yet to depart--tells him that he works too long and hard. This causes the reader to infer that Tom Benecke is focused largely upon material success and is neglecting his marital and personal relationships.

This inference is certainly substantiated by Tom's subsequent behavior as he stays home from a movie he really wants to see in order to continue work on a project for grocery store displays, which he wants to hand to his boss before Monday.

it was not actually true that he had to work tonight, though he very much wanted to. This was his own project, unannounced as yet in his office, and it could be postponed.

For, Tom feels that projects like the one he wishes to submit "to the boss tomorrow" so "he might read it over the weekend," to think about before Monday are: 

...the way to change from a name on the payroll to a name in the minds of the company officials.

Further, when his yellow sheet, on which he has spent so much time, wafts out of the window onto the eleventh floor ledge, Tom knows that he will venture out there in search of his data, which was recorded over two long months.

The work could be duplicated. But it would take two months, and the time to present this idea was now, for use in the spring displays.

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