What is a good summary for chapter 40 of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

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Legree blames Tom for Cassy and Emmeline's escape, and suspects that Tom know about the women's plan. Legree sends for Tom in order to question him. He threatens to kill Tom if not provided with information, but Tom says that he would rather die than speak. Legree actually pauses, which suggests some internal conflict between good and evil, but in the end he gives in to his more evil tendencies. Legree beats Tom all night, and then he orders Sambo and Quimbo, the overseers, to continue the beating. Tom prays and remains pious to the end, touching Sambo and Quimbo’s hearts. They believe him when he tells them of Jesus. Even though he is near the end of his life, he is still able to convert others to Christianity because of his own divine behavior. It is symbolic of Christ's conversion of the two robbers when he himself was on the cross, awaiting death.

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