Contast the appearance of Heathcliff with that of his home.

mkcapen1 | Student

In "Wuthering Heights" the actual home is more of a comparison to Heathcliff than a contrast.  Heathcliff is a dark moody person.  He has gained wealth and become refined but it is more of a facade for the inner person.  Inside he has an intense anger which he uses to seek revenge on Hindley and Edgar.  He is as ugly inside as he lets Wuthering Heights become ugly.

Wuthering Heights was always grand in stature but without a woman in the home it gave way to a more masculine state.  It is set in a windy place that over looks the desolate moors.  After Heathcliff returns he finds that it has no more charm.  Hindley has let it deteriorate.  Heathcliff wants it for one purpose, as revenge.  The only room that offers any type of warmth in the environment is the kitchen which is where the guest from the Grange sits by the fire and chats.

The rooms have vaulted ceilings and are cold with chills running through them.  The halls are dark and do not have parties.  Fires are prepared and the dogs rest by the fires with their mater Heathcliff, but there is no joy present in the house.  The house seems to be as dark as Heathcliff's soul has become.