Is consumerism the driving force behind crime?

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Consumerism is a driving force behind crime, but not the driving force.

I would argue that many crimes come from overall dissatisfaction with society and a feeling on the part of the criminals that they have been left behind by society.  Part of this can be caused by consumerism.  People absorb the messages that a consumerist society sends.  These messages say that you need all sorts of things to be happy and to be successful.  People who lack those things may well feel left out and frustrated.  Their frustrations may eventually lead them to crime.  This will sometimes be done in order to get the things they want, but it can also come from the need for drugs which they take as an "antidote" to their feelings of frustration.

So, consumerism does not drive most crime and does not necessarily drive crime directly.  However, consumerism can be seen as a cause of crime.