consumer segments has its own value equation and shops accordingly understandig what drives different groups.

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different segments of consumers or targets markets, also known as groups that are identified by demographics which group them together makes purchases based on varying factors.

Consumer spending is based on a host of variables, one important factor is amount of disposable income, or money available to be spent after a person's bills are paid.  Disposable income is used for a variety of purchases.   Some consumer groups buy because they are brand loyal, others buy for low price, others buy for the purposes of keeping up with the latest trends.  Some consumers make purchases based on nostalgia.

Some consumers makes purchases out of convenience, that is why the convenience food market, prepared meals in supermarkets, or smaller grocery stores,  along with the rise in fast food establishments have risen in conjunction with more women in the workforce and the rise of divorce and single parent families.

Other consumers are driven to purchase based on location, this can also be considered impulse buying.  In a supermarket, the end-caps of each aisle will entice the shopper to buy products not on their list.  That is why the essential staple items, like bread, milk, eggs are usually in the back of the store.  The customer has to walk through the entire store to find a container of milk.  Inevitably, the shopper will buy more than the milk, that is the idea.