Construct a plot map for "The Most Dangerous Game".

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Based on these suggestions, you can draw a plot graph:

The exposition includes the conversation between Rainsford and Whitney onboard the yacht; it ends with the inciting incident, which occurs when Rainsford falls overboard, attempting to catch the pipe that has fallen from his mouth. From this point the rising action begins and encompasses most of the story. Rainsford swims to Shiptrap Island, meets Zaroff, learns of his horrific "game," and becomes the prey himself as Zaroff tracks him. 

This story actually has two climaxes. The technical climax, which can be defined as the point of no turning back, occurs when Rainsford jumps off the cliff to escape the dogs that are pursuing him. As readers, we think he has chosen to die this way rather than be torn to pieces by the dogs or killed by Zaroff. The dramatic climax, which is the point of highest emotional intensity, occurs when Rainsford surprisingly appears in Zaroff's bedroom. Our hopes are renewed! The falling action is quite brief and consists of a quick conversation between the two men when they agree to a final battle. An unusual denouement concludes the story; it is only one sentence. We learn that Rainsford "had never slept in a better bed"; this sentence tells us all we need to know. Rainsford has defeated General Zaroff.

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