Construct an inductive argument for a specific conclusion. Then, explain what you might do to make this inductive argument stronger, either by revising the premises or by revising the conclusion.

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When are are creating a inductive argument you are creating an argument that the probability of the conclusion being true.  This is different than a deductive argument in which you are supporting the guarantee of the conclusion being true.

What this means is that you are creating a inductive argument you must develop your stance on the topic and then provide support to show how the conclusion you propose is likely to be true.  You want to propose the conclusion in your thesis statement at the beginning of your argument and develop a series of points that are needed to support this conclusion.  

For example if your thesis statement is that 6 hours of sleep is the minimum amount of sleep needed to be successful at test taking then you want to develop a series of points to how you can support this including 1. looking at sleep levels, 2. looking at cognitive functioning, and 3. looking at memory retrieval.  You will then find research articles on each of these topics and utilize the information within to argue the probability that on 6 hours of sleep a student can successfully pass a test.