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Construct an assessment plan for a new client who is a 48-year-old female who has not exercised in one year, has no injuries, and no major health concerns. Indicate assessments you would complete, and provide rationale for why you chose the specific assessments. How would you then use this information to help her achieve her goal of improving cardio in order to run her first ever 5k?

Considering the client’s year of inactivity, the assessment plan should probably unfold in stages. She might first need to be accustomed to moving on a stationary bike or a treadmill. Her heart and blood pressure should be monitored. If the client handles the bike and treadmill well, more strenuous running exercises may be assigned until she is ready and strong enough to run a 5k.

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It’s great that your client has no debilitating injuries or serious health problems. However, it’s not so fantastic that she hasn’t exercised in one year. To prepare your client for moving her body again, her assessment plan should probably start by getting your client’s body used to working out again.

Your plan might accustom her to working out by having her do push ups or sit ups. Such beginning exercises should help you evaluate which of her muscles are already strong and which of her muscles need improving. It should also help your client grow accustomed to muscle activity.

Since the overall goal is to get her ready for a 5k run, you might have your client begin to jog. You should probably gradually increase the amount of jogging time so that her body can slowly adapt to jogging long distances. Once she gets jogging down, you could transition her to running.

The above could also be done on a treadmill. You could start your client on a slower pace. As she builds up strength, increase the speed of the treadmill. Your assessment plan might also put your client on a stationary bike, which can help you measure her blood pressure and her heart rate.

Again, since your client is coming off a year of inactivity, your assessment plan should probably slowly unfold in stages, and the client can be graduated to the next stage until her body is ready for the 5k run.

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