Compare Article I with Article II of The Constitution. Which article is longer and more detailed? What does this indicate our framers intended?

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Article I of the U.S. Constitution outlines the powers of the Legislative Branch, otherwise known as the peoples' branch.  It stipulates what the Congress can and cannot do.  However, with regard to your question, it is the longest and most detailed of the three branches of government.  Interestingly, Article II The Executive Branch is the shorter in length and almost abruptly brief.  It is a matter of fact that the framers intended just that with regard to Articles I and II respectivly.  Using the practical aspect of length to enhance their perspective was in fact done quite deliberately.  The power would lie with the people which resided in Article I.  It was written that way to ensure that their point was well understood.  The framers understood what they were doing.

In addition to separating power among the 3 branches and giving the most number and detail of power to Congress, what is even more telling of the framers' intent are the number checks it gave to Congress over the...

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