In what ways is the Constitution both democratic and undemocratic?

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To answer this question properly, we first have to understand what democracy means. The word comes from two Greek words: demos, meaning the people, and kratos , meaning authority or power. In other words, in a democracy, political power is in the hands of the people. A pure democracy would have every citizen in a country given an equal voice in how the government is run. In practice, the larger the population of a country, the more impossible this becomes. Instead, large countries opt for an indirect or representative democracy, which involves rule by representatives of the people instead of the people themselves. This is the type of government decided upon by the founding fathers of the United States when they crafted the Constitution. In fact, they preferred to use the term "republic" rather than "democracy" to describe the government they were initiating through this document. The word "democracy" is not found once in the entire Constitution of the United States, and neither is it...

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