Considering where Paul’s thoughts on both suffering and Christian leadership *intersect in the letters, what do you think he would have to say to those among today’s Christian leaders who live and teach according to **prosperity theology?

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Many churches around the world are preaching the prosperity gospel in pulpits which encourages the church members to increase their financial provision, resources and productions in the most righteous way. However, these messages have been a thorn to other people because they thought that it promotes worldly culture and wrong intentions in joining the church. Others call it business inside the church. 

Looking at it, the bible is not actually promoting poverty. But we should be very careful in dealing with this. Paul had been so sensitive about this matter. Paul said in one of his letters about giving and receiving (Philippians 4). It is similar to what Jesus had preached when he is on earth. Paul encourages giving so you will be able to receive however he warned the people to have a correct heart in giving so as not to become corrupt people (1 Timothy). 

If Paul would be able to speak to the Christians today, he would be reminding us of our intentions. He would say that being rich is not bad, as long as we are directed to what the Lord Jesus Christ has preached. He will also remind us of the consequences of greed and power. He will reiterate about giving wholeheartedly and sharing to other people without wrong motivations and intentions. 

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