Had it not been for technology, this person's actions would not have become well-known.  What does that tell us about our...

Had it not been for technology, this person's actions would not have become well-known.  What does that tell us about our society?


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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question refers to a very sad incident that occurs after a college football game between Louisiana State University (LSU) and the University of Alabama in January of 2012. LSU and Alabama have a long-standing rivalry that is heated by the tenacity of the game as well as by the loyalty of the fans, most of which are students at both colleges, and quite proud of it.

During the incident, an intoxicated LSU fan is harassed verbally and sexually by an Alabama fan who places his genitals and uses vulgar language against the unconscious LSU fan.

Because the incident was purposely videotaped for later viewing, the message that these actions send are quite strong:

First, it shows that our modern society is using technology for hedonism. This means that the gadgets that are meant to facilitate communication are also being used for personal purposes: Even when they should not expressed on tape, nor put out for public exposure.

Second, it demonstrates that there is actually a market or, better yet, an audience to which the video is clearly intended. If there were no sites such as YouTube, Veemeo, and other sites where people can post themselves doing whatever they want, there would not be any reason for this man to allow himself to be videotaped.

However, the worst aspect of the misuse of this technology is that there are people who are old enough to know better that are still acting immaturely on camera and, worst of all, without shame. No matter how badly you want to follow a team, your common sense and personal dignity should limit your actions and prevent you from acting in a way that would put you in an embarrassing situation. That is exactly what happens to the young man who "stars" in the video- and to the intoxicated fan, too!

Therefore, technology is the world's witness nowadays. If you want to prevent a very bad situation, use it wisely or do not use it at all.


pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With regard to technology, what this tells us is that we essentially have very little privacy in today's world.  For the most part, anything we do may end up on line.  This is a very important thing for us to remember.  Young people often post pictures of themselves doing foolish or even illegal things on social media sites.  These can come back to haunt them when, for example, prospective employers look up an applicant and reject them because they appear to have a drinking problem or to do drugs.

In the days before cell phone cameras and the internet, the actions of this man would never have been heard of.  But in today's world, you should not assume that anything you do will remain private unless you are alone when you do it (and you don't take a picture of yourself doing it).