Considering everything that has happened in Fences, is Troy Maxson a good man?

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Troy Maxon is not a good man, but that doesn't mean that those around him can't love or forgive him.

Troy takes advantage of people throughout his life. Not only does he commit murder, he doesn't try to make real amends after he's released from prison. Most of the play centers on the hardships he's visited on the people that he loves. He's selfish and chases his own desires rather than supporting his family. He alienates his son, cheats on his wife, and sends his brother to a mental institution to get his money. It's not that he doesn't have his good qualities, but those are shaded by his negative traits and how they affect those around him.

Troy gets his redemption not through his own actions but through the forgiveness of his brother, Gabe. Gabe still loves Troy, and though Troy didn't make true amends or improve anyone else's life, Gabe still wants Troy to go to Heaven. Troy himself may not be a good person, but the love and forgiveness of those around him redeem him in the end.


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