Consider your relationship with a piece of technology such as a computer. How can I write an essay explaining some positive claims and normative claims about this technology?

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pholland14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While I cannot answer for your own personal experience with this, I can give you the difference between positive and normative claims and allow you to reach your own conclusions.  A normative claim in this case would refer to how the computer should be used.  For example, the claims "college students should use the computer primarily for research" is an example of a normative claim.  This is how the computer should be used under ideal situations--the computer as a tool for good.  

A positive claim is more fact-based--it does not necessarily have to be correct, but it has to be tested in order to be verified.  The positive claim "college students at University X spend at least half their waking hours on the computer" is a positive claim because there is no judgment attached to it.  Also, it can be proven with a survey sent out to students at the university.