Consider Eliezer's feelings for his family, especially his father.What about his father's character or place in the jewish community of Sighet commands Eliezer's respect or admiration?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Eliezer greatly respects his father and family. Before the concentration camps, Eliezer and his family are greatly respected by the community:

Eliezer's father, Chlomo, is a "cultured, rather unsentimental man … more concerned with others than with his own family." He is held in great esteem by the community and symbolizes Abraham.

Being extremely religious, Eliezer grew up with a great faith in God. His father was a local grocer or shop owner. His father was distinguished and held with great esteem by those of the community. Likewise, Eliezer greatly respected his father. He shows the utmost respect, even in the face of death. He and his father survived the horrible treatment of the concentration camps for a while. Then his father developed dysentery. As Eliezer's father grew sicker, Eliezer did have feelings of resentment towards his father, feeling that he had become a burden. Survival was even more difficult with a sick father. Still, Eliezer tried to help his father till the end.

By the end of the story, Eliezer's father lay dying. At times, Eliezer thought about taking his father's ration of food, but he could not bring himself to do so. After his father's death, Eliezer had haunting feelings because he had begun to consider his father a burden before he died. Overall, Eliezer treated his father with respect. He tried to honor his main request, which was simply a desire for water.

Eliezer gave his father his own ration of coffee, sipping only a little for himself. Eliezer was a loving son who had been taught to respect his elders. As a young, teenage boy, Eliezer had an amazingly respectful attitude toward his father. His father died knowing his son loved him deeply.