Consider what would happen if Dee, rather than Mama, narrated "Everyday Use."

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In Alice Walker's celebrated short story "Everyday Use," Mrs. Johnson narrates the story of her daughter's return and expresses her feelings regarding Dee's unique way of life and personal views concerning their family's heritage. As a narrator, Mrs. Johnson is an honest, sincere woman, who accepts her faults and recognizes Maggie's shortcomings. Mrs. Johnson acknowledges that she is not as intelligent as Dee and is confused by her daughter’s perspective regarding their family's longtime personal items, which have been passed down through generations. In the story, Dee is portrayed as a confident, judgmental woman, who does not agree with her family's lifestyle.

If Dee were to narrate the story, she would certainly express her displeasure at her mother and sister's living situation. Dee hates their modest country home and values elegant, flashy things. Dee would also comment on Maggie's shy, timid personality and more than likely discuss her mother's backward way of life. Dee believes that Maggie needs to develop confidence and should go out of her way to be more charismatic. Dee also believes that she is significantly more intelligent than her mother and Maggie and would more than likely comment on their lack of drive to improve themselves and their living situation.

Dee would also disapprove of her mother's decision to allow Maggie to keep the traditional family quilts. In Dee's mind, Maggie cannot fully appreciate her heritage and would simply put the traditional quilts to everyday use, ruining them in the process. Dee would also express her shock and disbelief that her mother would take Maggie's side in the argument over the quilts. As Dee leaves her mother's home, she would mention that they were unappreciative, ignorant, and lost.

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