Consider the relationship of the first line to the rest of the lines in the poem Pied beauty by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

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gpane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first line establishes the poet's wish to praise God for 'dappled things', things with spots or different colours and hues, and and the majority of the poem is then taken up with describing these things, which exist in nature. The rest of the first stanza lists several examples of dappled things, such as trout and skies and cows, and also refer to the variegated patterns in the landscape. The second stanza moves on to talk about the beauty of such things in a different way, referring now to their essential quality rather than describing them externally; the poet celebrates them for being unusual, various and therefore memorable. The poem closes on the same note as it began, referring back to the God who created these dappled things, and whose beauty is unchanging and everlasting.