Consider how the economy has performed throughout your life. Identify a time you believed the economy was in a peak or a trough. When was the economy expanding? When was it contracting? Describe the overall trajectory of the economy throughout your life.

How you identify the trajectory of the economy will depend on your own economic position and how it has changed throughout your life. If your socioeconomic status is tied to Wall Street, you might identify the present moment as a peak. Wall Street is performing remarkably right now. If your financial well-being is tied to working at a restaurant or performing at a nightclub, you might identify this moment as a trough.

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A lot of your questions are rather subjective. How you answer them will depend on your own socioeconomic status and how your socioeconomic position has changed or hasn’t changed throughout your life.

For example, if your economic well-being is tied to Wall Street, then you might identify the present moment as a peak. In August, Wall Street hit record highs. If you make a living based on the stock market, then right now could probably be considered a high point or peak.

If your economic status is linked to working at a restaurant, performing in nightclubs, playing Minor...

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