Consider how drone technology has been changing and impacting acquisition. Discuss how drones are going to change (or not change) the acquisition of goods in the future

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Drone delivery of goods is steadily increasing, and this trend comes with several advantages that could impact the acquisition of goods.

First, purchases could be delivered much more quickly than is now typical. This depends, of course, on being located within close proximity to the drone's point of origin. It is possible for those who live close to a retailer or warehouse to have their purchases delivered within minutes.

This also means that people who live further away from retailers could potentially receive same-day delivery instead of shipping items, which would otherwise take several days via trucks. Consider a person who lives an hour away from a favorite restaurant, which is not uncommon in the rural areas of our country. Currently, restaurants this far away are not dinner options under typical circumstances and are rarely considered. Drone delivery could make this a feasible weeknight dinner option, opening up a much wider customer base for the restaurant—and a much wider array of dining options for the customer. People who are looking for a last-minute gift or meal might therefore have far more purchasing options than is now typical.

In locations where companies have an effective drone delivery presence, customers will likely turn increasingly to having packages, medical supplies, and food delivered to their doorsteps. This means that customers will be less likely to visit physical stores for time-sensitive purchases. A decrease in demand for physical stores could mean that many of those stores close as companies shift their resources to support customers' increased demands for drone delivery centers.

There are numerous challenges to overcome in order for drones to become effective deliverers of goods. One significant challenge is theft of goods being delivered; another challenge is the destruction of the drones while in flight. Some critics believe that drones could someday fill our skies like birds, and the congestion might make delivery impossible in areas with a dense human population. Does this mean that rural areas might benefit from drone delivery to a greater degree than the nation's cities? Are there ways to prevent theft and drone destruction? These are some things for you to consider as you analyze the impact drones might have on the acquisition of goods in the future.

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