The Count of Monte Cristo Questions and Answers
by Alexandre Dumas père

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Consider Edmond in the opening scene on the island of Elba: How would you describe his personality in The Count of Monte Cristo?

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Young Edmond Dantes is an ingenuous sailor who obeys his commanding officer by bringing a missive that the dying captain instructs him to deliver to the disposed emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte.  Obedience and loyalty to his captain are the only values and knowledge that this young officer possesses, for he knows nothing of the political ramifications of his actions; furthermore, he is not in the least interested.

Eager to dispense with his obligations, Dantes fulfills them without regard to their appearance, without observance that he is watched, without any care.  All that concerns him is getting home to his fiancee, Mercedes.  He is oblivious to any evil intents toward him; he is unaware that the pursurer, Danglars, has been watching him.

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