Consider a character from a play you have studied. Choose a significant time ofeither good luck or bad luck which this character experiences.  a) Briefly describe this experience of good luck or...

Consider a character from a play you have studied. Choose a significant time ofeither good luck or bad luck which this character experiences.  

a) Briefly describe this experience of good luck or bad luck.
b) Discuss how the character deals with it in the play.

I'm going to choose Romeo. I just need a few pointers to get started.




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Romeo is a good choice. Are his problems the result of luck, or bad choices? You could describe the difficulties Romeo experiences and explain whether you think he made bad choices, or had bad luck. You might also address what he could have done.
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With Romeo, I think your first challenge is deciding on the "significant time" of bad luck.  Romeo experiences several instances of bad luck that only build on one anther.  Do you pick the first (his family's initial fued with the Capulets that he personally had nothing to do with at the beginning), or the subsequent events of this?

I urge you to make a decision on the most significant instance of bad luck for Romeo.  Define it.  Then, really drive home why you think it is the most significant (here you could include how Romeo deals with it as part of why it is so significant).  Think about causes and effects of this event.  It would put an interesting twist on an otherwise somewhat common essay topic.

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Romeo should give you a good deal of fodder for answering this assignment. At the end of the play, he experiences a string of bad luck that I, for one, do not envy.

This sounds like an essay prompt, so your first job is to design a thesis statement. For an assignment like this, your thesis should not just say that Romeo experiences good or bad luck at a certain point in the play. It should also push beyond that fact to make a point about his good or bad luck. What can we learn from the good or bad luck Romeo experiences? Why do you think Shakespeare chose to give Romeo the particular lucky or unlucky experiences he did? How do Romeo's experiences affect the audience or the other characters? There are many possibilities, but if you do your job well, your thesis will provide a specific interpretation of the text and also give you room to make several supporting points, based in examples.

When you have written a tentative thesis, try to come up with several supporting points. If you're writing a 5-paragraph essay, you need three supporting points. Otherwise you need roughly 2-3 supporting points per page you plan to write. Make sure each point is different from the others, and find a specific example or two from the text to support each point.

Best of luck with your assignment. Feel free to ask another question if you need further help!