Conservatives, please define your views.  Liberals, please define your views. No negativity please!Please don't slam the other side of the isle.  Just promote your own views...

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I am a liberal, and believe that economic parity and social equality are important aspects of the society I want to create in America.  I believe government exists to level the playing field in terms of race, education, gender, and business.  I believe government's role is to protect the individual from capitalist excess.  I believe there are some industries that are best run as government services, including health care, mass transit, postal services and public utilities.

I believe a woman has the right to choose an abortion.  I believe homosexuals should have equal marriage and legal rights. I am against torture.  I am against elective wars in nations that do not pose a direct threat to the US.  I believe in expanding social programs.  I believe college tuition should be free to those that academically qualify.  I believe our veterans should be cared for as promised.  I am for increasing my own taxes to pay for more services, for national health care, and to provide for senior citizens.

There's more, but that's a good start.

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It seems that conservatives focus more on the freedom of the individual to do what is moral or right without vast governmental oversight. Liberals, in contrast, focus more on bettering the whole through as much government oversight as they feel is needed, mandating that people do what is moral or right. While I think that it would be fair to say that both parties have the same ultimate goal in mind when it comes to the citizens of a country, their views of government and how much authority it should or should not have are vastly different.

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Not to promote one political view over the other, but I would define liberals as those who seek change to achieve progress in human rights and personal development. Liberals view government as a means to effect change and progress for the benefit of citizens. Liberals, for instance, championed the civil rights movement and the establishment of labor unions and Social Security.