Connie and Rose of Sharon have some big dreams and plans.  How do these sound like Grandpa’s dreams of the grapes?  

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Grandpa Joad, along with Connie and Rose of Sharon, believes that all their wildest hopes and dreams will be satisfied once they get to California. Connie wants to study to work in radio engineering, believing that all he has to do is take a correspondence course. Rose of Sharon wants a house and ice. Grandpa wants to take grapes and just rub them on his face. Connie and Rose of Sharon’s dreams are more practical, wanting to succeed and have shelter and a decent future for their coming child. Grandpa knows his life is coming to a close sooner than Connie’s and Rose of Sharon’s, so he wants mere sensation. His future is behind him, so he sees California as a type of heaven on earth. Unfortunately, all their dreams come to nothing, with Grandpa’s death soon after they leave home, and Rose of Sharon’s when Connie deserts her.

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