Connection Between Reality and Dreaming?I was woken up by bangs in my door. Someone was trying to break in. Can there be a connection between my dreams and the event that happened? Well i went to...

Connection Between Reality and Dreaming?

I was woken up by bangs in my door. Someone was trying to break in. Can there be a connection between my dreams and the event that happened?

Well i went to sleep suprisingly early that day when in comparison to any other day. That night i only slept for about an hour or so before the event but it felt like a lot longer. While asleep i was having nightmare after nightmare and i even dreamed that i was being robbed. Then i was woken by bangs in my door and the rest is irrelevant from there on.

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer depends on which psychological dream theory that you want to subscribe to.  Each major branch or school of psychology has a slightly different interpretation of dreams and their meanings.  Freud felt it was your subconscious desires manifesting themselves, Adler felt that they were just a reflection of what you were thinking about that day, Jung felt that dreams were heavily symbolic, and Perls felt that you should act out your dreams to find out what they meant.

You also need to understand sleep cycles a bit to figure out what was going on.  Everyone dreams, in the REM stage of sleep, and unless you are in that phase of sleep right before or as you woke up, you usually don't remember them too well.

So, my take on it is that the banging started while you were right in the middle of a dream; you didn't fully wake up, and instead incorporated that banging noise into your dream itself, and made it a part of the dream, manifesting your fears or own interpretations of it within the dream itself.  And, dreams give us a very warped time-view; something that in a dream lasts and entire day, can be just minutes in the dream, or less.  So, that is how the banging got worked into an entire story-line in your dream.

I hope that helps!  I doubt your dreams made the event occur; rather, the event altered your dreams.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
When we dream, we do incorporate stimuli. Smells, temperature and sound all influence our dreams. While we don't fully understand dreams, we do know this. You were sleeping in a deep sleep cycle. You heard the sound of knocking on the door, and your subconscious mind incorporated if info you dream.
krishna-agrawala | Student

The capabilities and complexities of human minds are currently much beyond my comprehension. Existence of phenomenon like premonition and telepathy has been well established using scientific methods. Things like hypnosis are common enough for laws to be passed to prevent their improper use.

Under these circumstances, I would not like to deny flatly that dreams do not have some significance. However I also believe that for common people it is not possible to understand their significance, at least not in terms of events yet to happen. For this reason, I personally do not bother to pay any attention to significance of my dreams.

It is just like accepting the existence of a really fantastic foreign destination to to spend your summer holidays, but not thinking much about it when you don't have the resources to actually spend your holidays there.