Connect “The Blush” to the TedEd video “The Danger of a Single Story.”

“The Blush” and the Ted Talk video “The Danger of a Single Story” can be connected through their themes of misrepresentation and skewed impressions.

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To connect Elizabeth Taylor’s short story “The Blush” to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk “The Danger of Single Story,” consider the theme of misrepresentation. In Adichie’s video, she mentions going to a university in the United States and encountering her roommate for the first time. Based on Adichie’s identity, the roommate forms a story about her. This narrative clashes with Adichie’s actual identity as a fluent English speaker who listens to Mariah Carey and not “tribal music.” Adichie attributes the roommate’s erroneous impression to a “single story.” She says, "My roommate had a single story of Africa: a single story of catastrophe.” The restricted viewpoint leads Adichie’s roommate to misjudge her.

In “The Blush,” Mrs. Lacey seems to possess a single story about Mrs. Allen. Mrs. Lacey is “envious” of Mrs. Allen. She’s jealous of her nice house, her pretty clothes, and her slimmer body. Yet Mrs. Allen’s life is not as great as Mrs. Lacey makes it out to be. The single story about women of privilege appears to have warped Mrs. Lacey’s understanding of Mrs. Allen, who feels lonely and wishes she could be like Mrs. Lacey and go to the bar and socialize.

When it comes to Mrs. Allen’s perceptions of Mrs. Lacey, the misrepresentation is arguably engendered by Mrs. Lacey. She tells Mrs. Allen a single story about herself. This tale reinforces tropes about working-class women. As Mr. Lacey reveals, the story that Mrs. Lacey created for herself is not so simple.

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