CongressWhat do you think the likelihood of sucess will be for President Obama to implement his agenda ?  

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In order to implement his agenda, President Obama would have to get cooperaton from the Republicans. In this era of partisan politics, it is difficult to get cooperation between the parties. Democrats have difficulty cooperating with a Republican president as well. It's sometimes hard to imagine anyone getting anything done.
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President Obama has recently introduced a number of reforms and job stimulus ideas, all of which have been rejected or tabled by the Reublican controlled House of Representtatives.  Both Obama's introducing them (knowing they had no chance) and the House rejecting them (knowing an election is coming) were political moves timed to position themselves for running in the strongest possible environment.  I think both sides know they cannot fix the economy by next November, so they are trying to impress upon voters who they should blame for it.

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I agree with post #2. President Obama's window of opportunity was from 2009-midterm eletions in 2010. Unless something seriously alters the political dynamic between now and next fall, Republicans in Congress will "play to their base," and thus see compromise as politically lethal. There are very few aspects of Obama's agenda that stand a chance of getting through Congress, I think.

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More or less zero.  The way things look right now, there is no chance that Republicans in Congress are going to feel as if they have any reason to cooperate with Obama.  They are going to oppose him on everything important and hope that they can beat him next November.