The conflicts in the novel between older generation and younger generation.

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The conflicts between the older generation and the younger generation show through the whole way through the play. Although there isn't much conflict in the first scene, as the Inspector puts pressure on each character the atmosphere becomes more and more tense. Sheila and Eric and also Gerald were willing to accept their responsibility, whereas Mr. and Mrs. Birling were not. this fuels the majority of the conflicts the whole way through the play, mainly because Sheila feels remorse for Eva and challenges her father as to why he doesn't show remorse, and being a stubborn character, he sticks to his original point of view. Eric becomes angry with his mother because she tries to lay the blame on him and get out of it herself. This provides the majority of the fighting in the last scene. The inspector always has something to do with the conflicts, he is mostly the one to stop the fighting but also starts a lot of the conflicts because of what truth's he teases out of the characters

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