Conflict is often used to contribute to the development of theme. Using these two literary works write a comparative essay.

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To get started on an essay like this one, you may be best served to make a list (a mental list or an actual written list) of the major themes and major conflicts in those texts. You will have some material to use as a launching point into an essay.

Reviewing this list, hopefully the texts will present a clear relationship between conflict and theme.

Without being aware of the works you have studied and are familiar with, I will offer a few examples drawn from well-known works.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

  • Themes: Honesty and deception; challenges to developing a moral certitude. 
  • Conflicts: Huck is forced to lie to protect his friend, Jim. Huck helps Jim to escape slavery, though his conscience is partly against this act. Huck and Jim are beset with two frauds and are set is collusion then opposition to them. 

Of Mice and Men

  • Themes: Isolation and friendship; social power and disempowerment.
  • Conflicts: Lennie is harrassed by Curley and forced to fight with him. Lennie is alone with Curley's wife and kills her then is killed as a result. Candy shoots his own dog.  

Beginning from this clear and simple list, you should be prepared to expand and explain how these themes and conflicts relate in an essay format.



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