How conflict is necessary for change to take place, as seen in "The Crucible?"     

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Conflict is necessary for change based upon the fact that conflict exists when two people (or one against a group/ group against a group) do not see eye to eye on a specific issue. Essentially, without the presence of conflict, everyone is happy and satisfied with what is going on in their lives and around them.

Therefore, the conflict portrayed in Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible" is necessary in order to see that the village, the village's officials, and the ideology of the village changes.

For example, if John Proctor would not have been having problems with his wife, Elizabeth, he would not have had an affair. His coming clean about the affair brought about change in their relationship.

Another example which shows the necessity of conflict in regards to change is the lack of trust between the villagers of Salem. Give all of the accusations arising from previous feuds, the conflict which arose during the trials proved to be more than simple accusations of witchcraft. In the end, it does come out that people were using accusations to "solve" their disputes.

One final example of conflict's place in insuring change is the conflict which arises between Abigail and John. John, not wanting to be involved with Abigail any longer, calls her out in court as a "whore." Without their prior adulterous relationship (conflict), the courts would not be aware of the alternative reasons she may be using to make accusations against others.

zubiiii | Student

Conflict is actually the two opposite forces at work at the same time. This conflict could be external or internal both. As regard your question, yes!! is necessary to bring the change in the society or anywhere. Because a change always triggers from the very contradict between the forces. If there is no conflict for example, if everything is going smoothly, then how come we expect any change any where.?. A change in thought also comes when there is a conflict in the mind. A common example is the conflict of good and bad in our mind. This conflict is always going on there in our mind. so, to bring a change, conflict is necessary.

mezaya | Student

from Arthur Miller's play " The conflict stand due to the selfinterest of Abigail changes the village into the disorder.The result is also not what Abigail expected as Mr.Proctor does not give up his wife.Thus, as long as conflict occur, it is almost impossible that no change happens.