At the conference with neighboring farmers in the final chapter of "Animal Farm," what new changes does Napoleon announce?

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timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At this point in the story we have come full cycle.  Most of the original animals involved in the early days of the revolution have died.  The lives of the animals are worse than they were before the revolution, but they have nothing to compare their present condition with, and by this time they wouldn't be able to judge anyway (prelude to "Who controls the present..." in Orwell's "1984."  When the neigbhors arrive, Napoleon announces a new era of cooperation between animals and humans, quite a turn around from their attitude toward Mr. Jones.  The animals will no longer refer to each other as "comrade," the hoof and horn have been removed from the flag, and, perhaps most importantly, the farm has been renamed "Manor Farm," its "correct" name.  This is significant not because of the name, but because it tells us that the animal's situation is no better that it ever was, despite being led through a revolution started by "their own."   They are back exactly where they started; only the power structure on top has changed.  So, perhaps, it's always about power and never about ideas ....